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Patt Conservation was founded in 2018 by Elizabeth Patt and Paris Patt. Our firm specializes in outdoor sculpture, public art, and object conservation. We are currently a team of two conservators and two conservation technicians and we work on projects across the United States. We strictly use the guidelines set forth by the American Institute for Conservation when creating treatment proposals and we strive for the highest possible standard in our work. We prioritize honesty, quality, and safety in all aspects of our work and believe in a collaborative approach between art conservator and art steward. We use conservation grade materials and tools that have been vetted and researched by conservation professionals and always begin with a conservative approach to treating artworks.

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Elizabeth Patt

Elizabeth has a Masters in Conservation from Northumbria University and a Certificate in historic preservation from the University of Southern California. She apprenticed for eight years at a private firm before opening Patt Conservation. She specializes in sculpture and object conservation and collection management. 

Paris Patt

Paris has over a decade of experience in the conservation field. He is the principal owner of an instrument conservation practice and he assists Elizabeth as lead technician with public art surveys, outdoor sculpture maintenance and program planning.

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